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Hey everyone, I'm Drea.. From the moment we meet, I want you to  feel right at home. I've always loved working with people- literally. I have worked with children, the homeless community, individuals in prison, the elderly, and many many more. My line of work in social servces and being a research interviewer has led me down many paths.. Also a newborn and maternity photographer, I have loved capturing the beauty of women and their what I call "hidden powers".. I love to provide the best experience for you because you deserve it. And mostly, I'm just genuinely excited whenever I get to create art. I'm a blessed mama and wife, a lover of life and music,, a traveler, and a warm blooded beach bum. Naturally, I am because I was born in South America.  My hope is that we get to know each other, and that you can share with me what you are envisioning for your boudoir experience.


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