Elegance and a touch of romance. For me, I’ve always been an old soul. Something so special about vintage movies, music, photography and art. The old soul in me has always a hopeless romantic- the beauty standards of women have changed so much over time. Fast forward to today- what a time to be a powerful and sensual woman!

Boudoir photography is about expressing yourself. When you come in for a studio boudoir session with Divina Boudoir by Drea, you will find it to be such a freeing and beautiful experience. From guiding you in your perfect wardrobe, to selecting your favorite looks and backdrops, and to even telling me a little bit about your likes and interests, we can curate the more gorgeous session. We accentuate the favorite parts about yourself, and we also help to release those fears that have to do with your confidence.

Why schedule a session? So many reasons! One reason is to celebrate YOU. Other important reasons: upcoming wedding gift, anniversary, milestone birthday, body enhancement, body fit goal, and just why not?!



Connecticut Boudoir Photography/ CT Studio Boudoir Session